Can’t be Replaced

Megan has flown home from Texas for Christmas.  At the very top of her list of things she must do while she was home was see Dr. John.


When you move to a new state you have to develop a new network of resources, as both we and Megan have found out.  Someplace to buy groceries, someone new to do your hair, a place to get a great lunch and the best person to talk to about local things.  But there are some people you just can’t replace.   Dr. John is one of those!  After flinging her body around the court and soccer field, Megan has visited him often through the years of her sports career.  We miss him in Washington too.

I know there must be good chiropractors – both in Washington and Texas, but who is going to be the guinea pig to find out?  Not me.  I have visions of someone new adjusting my neck and walking around with my head facing sideways for the rest of my life.  So we will enjoy having him close while we are here, get one last adjustment before we go, and hope not to do anything to mess it up too much before we see him again.

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