A Guy Thing

It must be a guy thing.  Our friend Whitney collects vehicles like Megan collects shoes.  It is his business, but also his hobby.  He is working with Rick (or maybe Rick is working with him?) on the Scout.


We have found when working with old vehicles it is helpful to have two to make  one complete.  The gray Scout behind Stanley is the “parts” scout.  It is a ’63 that we’ve robbed parts off.


The re-built engine that is going into Stanley the Scout.  I will kind of miss those back fires 😉


I really know nothing about cars – if mine starts when I turn the key on, runs and the CD player works them I’m happy – but even I am amazed at the variety I see at Whitney’s shop.


Whitney’s latest toy, I mean business aquisition, is this tow truck.  I would tell you the year and model and all the details about the engine, but I really wasn’t paying close attention.


The tow truck interior.  I do know he found it on Ebay.  An Ebay shopper – a man after my own heart!


There are vehicles of every description and in every state of repair and restoration.  To be fair, I should point out that most of these are someone else’s project that Whitney is working on for them.


This old fire truck is one of Whitney’s though.  Doesn’t everyone need their own fire truck?


 Even I can recognize a Corvette.


I believe this is a Volvo?  Or maybe not.

I really shouldn’t talk about all Whitney’s vehicles.  Rick has quite a collection of his own in various states of restoration.  A ’72 Chevy pickup, an ’85 Jeep, his big truck, Stanley the ’61 Scout and my favorite, his 1970 mini-bike.  He bought the mini-bike brand new when he was 10.  Later on after the engine blew up it wound up at his Grandpa Chapman’s.  After Alex was born, Grandpa re-built the engine for him – when he was four months old!   Grandpa was a vehicle guy too, I remember when he and Grandma came to visit us  in Tucson.  We lived in our tiny first apartment and they drove down and stayed in their motor home.  He was telling Rick all about the “twin turbos” he had put on his motorhome so it had more power and could “race up those mountains.”  Maybe that’s where Rick got his “need for speed?”

I guess everyone collects something and it could be a lot worse than old vehicles.  Rick reminds me that I have quite a collection of old china, and “other old junk” as he puts it.  But really, who can’t distinguish the value of vintage china and kitchen implements and a bunch of old cars!  It must be a guy thing.

One comment on “A Guy Thing

  1. Tj says:

    I loved this post. Irecognized every vehicle, and its attraction, and empathized with everything…but CHINA??? isn’t that the place where they add melamine to milk? I’ll stick with useful and interesting old bits of iron. mark

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