Private Property

 It seems like such a simple concept to me.  I stay on my property and you stay on yours.  If  invited, we may visit each other. 


 We will even put up brightly colored signs and markers along the borders to help you identify that this is our property and not yours.  What is difficult about that?   


We will add a large cable attached to posts that you will have to go over or under to get onto our property so you don’t wander in by “accident.”  


And yet, in the little over two years we have owned this place we have chased off hunters, mushroomers, birders, walkers, and quad riders.  And those are only the ones we caught.   Faces have been shown to identify the guilty.


Another thing I don’t understand is that when you catch these people on your clearly identified private property, and ask about the cables, signs and trespassing, many are not apologetic at all.  They all do give you a variation of the same theme.  “I have been hunting / mushrooming / riding / walking  here for the last 5 /10 / 15 years.”  Since this property (and the surrounding ones) has been private for at least the last 15 years I respond that they have been trespassing the whole time.  This does not phase them.


Some are a little more creative, if no more law abiding.  This guy told us that this was NOT our property; in fact it belonged to the Department of Natural Resources.  And he could prove it by a small metal tag affixed to a tree on the private property behind ours, so our signs were posted illegally and we could just stop harrassing him and he would go on hunting, because  ” he was not bothering no one.”  I am not exactly sure who the Department of Natural Resources is, but I do know they don’t pay the property taxes – or anything else  – here.


This bow hunter didn’t like me taking his picture.  What I found really amazing about that is on his big 4 wheel drive truck parked on our land, he had a camera on the dashboard with a big sign that said if you got within 20 feet you were under video surveillance.  He had the gall to tell us (while we were escorting him off our property) that he had a real problem with people breaking into his truck and getting into his things.  Apparently he found no correlation between the two situations.  I just don’t get it.

2 comments on “Private Property

  1. Michael says:

    Sounds like you have some of the same people in your neck of the woods as we do here in Indiana. Dad and Mom own some property half way between Scottsburg and Madison that we go out to enjoy on the weekends, go fishing in a lake that is on the property, mushroom hunt, etc. and we have the same experiences. We have had to ask several to leave from fishing, mushroom hunting, and 4-wheel riding. We have also posted signs and put up barriers, which have helped some, but has not worked for all. It is quite frustrating and when you ask them to leave your property they just look at you like “how dare you bother me.” We feel your frustration.

  2. Brenda says:

    They do make me want to do something to get their attention and change their attitude. Probably not smart in this day and age!

    I can’t help but wonder what their response would be if they found me on their property?

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