Thanksgiving Weekend

Alex was here visiting for the long Thanksgiving weekend.  We had the traditional dinner on Thursday, then on Friday he and Rick decided to try out their guns.  Maybe they were thinking of the pilgrims shooting their dinner?  Before they could shoot, there were preparations.  First they  cleaned everything. 


Doesn’t everyone clean their guns at the kitchen table?  At least they did take off the nice tablecloth and cover the table with old towels. 


Then there were targets to make – it’s nice to know Alex learned some valuable skills at boot camp.


A ways up the road from us some friends of ours have a shooting range on their property and they allowed us to use it.  It has a nice covered area (good since it was pouring rain) with a huge wood stove to keep us toasty warm – if only we had remembered the matches!


Rick and Alex are setting up their targets.


The targets set up and ready to shoot.rick-shooting-22

Rick shooting his .22


Alex shooting the pistol.


They tried to teach me to shoot the pistol, Alex told me all about breathing techniques and aim.  I must say, it didn’t do a lot of good, I’m not very accurate! I did manage to hit a few clay pigeons with the .22. 


Rick shooting his Henry .44 magnum rifle.  The guys actually hit what they were aiming at.   


After several rounds, they go out in the rain to check the targets and put up new clay pigeons.  While the guys were adjusting the targets I was pondering, why do they call them clay pigeons?  They don’t look anything like pigeons.  And why would you want to shoot a pigeon anyway?  I don’t think I really understand this whole gun thing. 


The backstop.


Alex shooting the rifle. 


It was a beautiful location.  I don’t think I will ever be a huge gun or shooting fan, but the guys liked it and it was nice to have time to spend together – though we did miss Megan.  And now Alex has flown south (upgraded to First Class!) to return to school.  Hopefully he will be able to spend a few weeks here this summer after he graduates.

4 comments on “Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. Bob & JJ says:

    Nice AR, how does it shoot? Brenda looks good behind a pistol, a natural. So how do you like the AR? The M1 Grande is still my favorite however, the 223 is a lot of fun without the should pain.

  2. Michael says:

    Looks like all of you had a fun Thanksgiving on the shooting range. It looks like you had very nice scenery where you were at. Maybe next year you can provide the Thanksgiving turkey for the table since you have practice now. I have heard that those clay pigeons can be a little “tough” to eat.

  3. Tj says:

    Mark says he sees no AR. He wants to see pictures of the AR. He demands. Actually, now he says belay that request and just send it here. Thanks. I guess. I’m with Brenda. Guns just don’t do it for me. Whatever it is. Oh, Mark has more questions about his new gun. Does it come with laser sight. He is thinking of taking the dogs out for a night time stroll soon. Hmmm? OH, More still. He says it takes him a lot of time to get used to a new gun, so send, (or bring) lots of ammunition. LOL>

  4. Brenda says:

    I don’t know what these boys are smoking! I don’t see an AR either. If I did have one it would have a silencer, quick site with 3X magnifier and a night vision scope for those little pests that only show up at night. Of course this is only a wish list! I will be sure to add two more for Mark and Bob.
    By the way, guns are very necessary. If they outlaw guns then the only ones with guns will be the outlaws, which that will make us since I am not giving up any of my guns! I wouldn’t suggest coming to get them at night!

    Rick P.

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