A Thanksgiving Visit

Alex flew up to visit for a few days and spend Thanksgiving with us.  We drove down to SeaTac (Seattle Tacoma International Airport) to pick him up. Though we have heard news reports about fewer people traveling this holiday, you sure couldn’t tell from the traffic we saw.  


Seattle is a beautiful city and the Space Needle is easy to identify even at night. 


Though his plane was delayed for three hours, Alex did eventually arrive and we all drove back to the ranch safe and sound.  We will miss Megan, she is still in Texas, but she will be home for Christmas in a few weeks.


Not one to miss an opportunity for free labor, I had Alex help me by digging holes to plant tulips and daffodils around the new trees in our orchard.  Amazingly enough, he found some rocks!


I told him that really wasn’t even a big one – look at all the rocks behind him.


After a beautiful, sunny day it was a gorgeous sunset.  We are very thankful this holiday for the many blessings we enjoy.  Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday Mary Lou!

One comment on “A Thanksgiving Visit

  1. Bob & JJ says:

    Alex looks good. I am sure you all had a great time together. We went to Joe and Susan’s for Thanksgiving. Hope all is well and keep that boy working.

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