The Buck Stops Here

This morning as I was eating my muffin and trying to wake up, I looked out the window and saw a deer walking across the lawn.  


We see deer quite often wandering around, but this one looked like it had horns.  


Sure enough, a buck walking up the driveway towards the house.  He looked pretty big to me, at least  compared to the does we usually see.   


It is unusual to see a buck that close around here, and coming toward us.  We’ve seen him a few times before – at least we assume it is the same one – but he has been very wary and always stayed at a distance. Alex had the great idea to shoot them with a paintball gun to mark them so we would know for sure if it was the same one or not.  It probably would work, but I don’t think they would be anxious to come back very close.  So we will just have to guess. 


This time he strolled along for quite a ways and then wandered back into the woods by the side of the house. 


After just a couple of minutes he disappeared from sight. 


It did not seem to bother him that he was about 100 yards from our construction site (more on construction later) where men and equipment were working.

4 comments on “The Buck Stops Here

  1. Bob and JJ says:

    Remember front sight focus, squeeze the trigger slowly, and control your breathing…oh that’s right, I forgot you don’t shot them. Ha ha. The pictures are great what a beautiful place.

  2. Tj says:

    He’s in the rut. That makes the bucks less wary. Once one was so intent on a fine young doe that he almost ran into the truck, leaping over and out of the way at the last moment. It reminds me of young men. Ha, ha!

  3. Michael says:

    Good old rut season!!! We are seeing all kinds of them right now here in Indiana. Not only are they walking and running through yards, they are running in front of our cars! I have had two to run into my cars as I have been driving in the past. They come running out of the woods along the roads right in front of you!!! So far this year I have only seen a couple standing on the sides of the roads. Crazy animals!!!!

  4. Brenda says:

    I guess I wasn’t paying attention last year during rut season – but this year it is very noticeable. They do kind of remind me of homone driven teenagers 😉

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