Happy Birthday Megan!

It is hard for us to believe, but our little girl has grown up to be a 20 year old young woman.  


                        Two babies, Megan and her cousin Abby.

We may be a little biased, but we think she is one terrific kid and we are very proud of her. 

                 At the ranch in the snow last Christmas.


                              With her Dad and brother. 

She is in her Sophomore year of college in Aggieland.  We are looking forward to a visit with her next month. 

In case you were wondering, also born on October 10th are both Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Brett Favre – must have been a good day for athletes.  And on this date in history:  October 10, 1845 the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis opened;  October 10, 1913 the Panama Canal was completed.  

Happy Birthday Megan! 

2 comments on “Happy Birthday Megan!

  1. Michael says:

    Hello to All!!! Give Megan a big Hoosier Happy Birthday from us!!!

  2. Cheri Mudryk says:

    So your baby is no longer a teenager. Ross also turned 20 in Sept. Everyday we hear how much he wants to move out. Any extra room at your place? Doubt he could stand the weather, he got up this morning and it was low 70’s so he wanted to dig out his winter sweatshirt with the fleecelining and hood! Michelle also majored in Communications with a minor in marketing. I take it Alex is undecided?? Enjoy reading your blog.

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