While I am not a fan of some of the critters around here, I do like the chipmunks.  They are really cute scurrying around and chittering if you get too close.  I don’t really know what good chipmunks are or what they contribute, maybe nothing, but I like watching them. 


They do eat all the birdseed the jays scatter everywhere so that is a positive thing.  They store the seeds in their cheek pouches and scurry off to add it to their horde for winter.

When we first started seeing them we only saw one, so we named him Alvin.  We assumed he was a he – I’m quite sure we would never get close enough to tell otherwise.  Then we saw a couple more and named them Simon and Theodore.  A couple more appeared, Chip and Dale.  Luckily we’ve never seen more than five at one time – we don’t know any other Chipmunk names.

They pop up in the strangest places.

They seem like such fun little creatures.  Always scurrying around in a hurry like they have something very important to accomplish.

Quite entertaining these little rodents.

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