Butchart Gardens

About 12 miles north of Victoria are the famous Butchart Gardens.  We had been there before, but couldn’t resist visiting again.  It is a place that truly lives up to the hype.

It was a beautiful day to visit, sunny and clear.  The gardens are just as impressive as we remembered.

The most amazing thing about the garden to me is the fact that the ground was a mined-out eyesore and one woman’s vision and hard work transformed it into a world famous place of beauty.

The ground she started with.

What Mrs. Butchart turned that eyesore into.

Everything there is beautiful, even the trash cans are blooming!

Also very welcoming to visitors, even four-legged ones.

An inspiring story and a great place to see.  

There are rows and rows of seedlings being prepared for the next season.

Mrs. Butchart was a very hospitable woman.  She began the tradition of serving tea in her garden to visitors.  These many years after her death, tea is still served overlooking her garden.  It was a wonderful treat, very elegant.  Rick is really not into elegant or tradition – he had a hamburger. 

Some of the leaves are just beginning to show their fall colors.

It was a perfect ending to our trip.  We are looking forward to making a return trip at Christmas time.  They have ice skating on a frozen pond in addition to all the Christmas lights. 

One comment on “Butchart Gardens

  1. Graham Bell says:

    Very pleased to read you had a good time at The Gardens. We’ll be ready to welcome you back for the Magic of Christmas from December 1 to January 6th.

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