Trip to Victoria B.C.

To celebrate our anniversary, Rick and I took the ferry over to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  Victoria is on Vancouver Island which is actually closer to us than Seattle.  And it is a beautiful trip on the ferry.  We drove to Anacortes (about 60 miles) to board the ferry.  Vancouver Island is about 100 miles from our house.   

Washington State has a whole ferry system which runs regular routes through the San Juan Islands and into the port cities.  Many people regularly commute to work this way. Sure beats the freeway don’t you think?

The ferries can hold a lot of vehicles.  We’ve seen all sorts of cars, pickup trucks, SUV’s, motorhomes, delivery vans and semi trucks.  The larger ferries can hold 200 -300 vehicles plus passengers. 

View from the Car Deck.  This trip was not crowded, but in the peak summer travel season it can be packed with tourists and you need reservations.  They do schedule extra trips during the peak summer months.

As you sail out into the San Juan Islands you see boats and watercraft of every description.  There are commercial vessels, and pleasure crafts large and small. 


Float planes are a common sight also.  There is a lot more water around the islands than roads.

The mountain in the background is Mt. Baker, located about 20 miles downriver from our house. 

The first stop along the way is Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. We drop off a few, pick up a few more and are on our way.  Total loading time is about 15 minutes. 

Along with being the home port for lots of private boats, Friday Harbor is a stop on the route of the smaller cruise ships that tour the inside passage.

Everyone wants a view of the water.

Beacons are navigational aids for the ship traffic.  Much more efficient than a lighthouse I’m sure, but just doesn’t have the same look does it?

There are some beautiful homes overlooking the water and the islands.

You never know what you might see around the next corner.  Here is a class of kayakers.

It looks like a lot of fun, but way too close to the water for me.

There are over 150 islands in the San Juans.  Most of the islands are very lush and green, covered in trees. 

There is one that is very barren.  Did it used to have trees and they all were cut down?   

As we pull into the ferry dock the ship pulls up and they let down the ramp.

They must get pretty good at this doing it many times a day.

           After a two and a half hour sail, we have arrived in Canada!

Stay tuned for further adventures in Victoria.


One comment on “Trip to Victoria B.C.

  1. Tj and Mark says:

    We love it there. We have visited there a few times.

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