San Diego

After we left Disneyland and Los Angeles, we drove down to San Diego.  The weather was sunny and beautiful, but not too hot.  Southern California at its best!

We had a great view of the harbor from our hotel balcony.  Cruise ships regularly come into port there.   


San Diego is a very busy place, both the harbor with the private boats and many Navy and Coast Guard vessels.  The airspace is also crowded with Lindburgh Field – the local airport – just at the edge of the harbor and North Island NAS on Coronado Island.  You see lots of boats and planes of every description. 

We toured the USS Midway; the longest serving aircraft carrier in US history.  It is now a floating museum anchored in San Diego harbor.  It is amazing how huge the Midway is, and it is small by aircraft carrier standards.

This is taken from the flight deck. 

An aircraft carrier is truly a floating city with all the facilities needed to sustain its thousands of personnel on long sea voyages. Megan and Brandon found the brig.   

The USS Nimitz , the first nuclear powered carrier, is in port undergoing renovations.  After they are complete, it will deploy to Japan.

We saw the USS New Orleans a Navy LPD (Landing Portable Dock) being guided to its berth by the tugboat.  Security is pretty tight post 9/11.  The smaller gray boat in the foreground is Naval Security patrol that always stayed between our tour boat and the New Orleans. 

There is a large dry dock in the harbor, it is used to make repairs or renovations to large vessels.    

Ships aren’t the only things you see in the harbor.  The sea lions were enjoying the sun too.



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