A Visit Home

We have been in California for a week or so, visiting and catching up on some business.  Before they left on their cruise to Alaska, we had dinner with Rick’s parents Russell and Mary Lou.  Alex came up from Riverside for a few days too.  We know they will have a great time on their trip.

After she finished summer school and being a Fish Camp Counselor (Fish is Aggie for Freshman) in Texas Megan flew home for a week or so.  She brought along her boyfriend Brandon.  Brandon is a Texan and has only been to California once so we were off to Disneyland. 

The first day we went to California Adventures.  We had never been there before so it was new to all of us.  We had a lot of fun, rode some wild and not so wild rides.  

 Alex was able to take a few days off work and go with us.  It was good to have the whole family together.

                         Alex was especially excited to ride the carousel.  I guess he thought riding a dolphin would hurt his image as a tough marine? 

The next day we were at Disneyland.  Though it was prime time for vacations, it really wasn’t too crowded and we all had a good time.  He had been to Disneyworld in Florida, but this was Brandon’s first trip to Disneyland.

                                          Here are Rick and I and the finger of the person who took this picture.  Hmmm, I wonder why Mom always takes the pictures?

 We did a lot of fun things, but my favorite was watching the fireworks.

And then on to San Diego!  To be continued. . . 

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