I have returned to cool (65 degrees) Washington from hot, humid (102 degrees) Texas.  It was wonderful to see Megan and get to spend a little time with her.  She is almost finished with her second semester of summer school after completing her freshman year at Texas A & M.  

It is a beautiful campus and she loves it there.  Well over 90% of the students are from Texas.  For a California girl who had to look on the map to find the place, she has acclimated well.  I guess Pastor Phil knew what he was talking about when he said to send her there.  

For those of you who have not been to College Station, they have their own Aggie culture.  They are VERY SERIOUS about football.  You have to attend a game – with the 87,000 other screaming Aggie fans – to believe it. 


Rick and I have tickets to the A & M vs. Oklahoma University game in November.

The whole town is Aggie and much of it is maroon.

The golf course is on campus. 


And the businesses are Aggie friendly too. 

There are also Aggie T shirts for every occasion. 


For those of you who are not well versed in Aggie culture, their hated arch enemies are the University of Texas (at Austin) Longhorns.  They are derisively referred to as tea sippers, TU, and a few other nicknames I cannot print in a family blog.   There are T shirts devoted especially to them, this is one of my favorites.  

I am not sure that is really the correct interpretation of the scripture, but folks in Aggieland are.

Texans in general seem pretty sure they are doing the rest of us a favor by letting us join them.  And yes, they do fly the Texas state flag at the same level (not below) the American flag because, as anyone there will be happy to remind you, they are the only state that was once a sovereign nation.   

The main reason I went to Texas now was to help Megan prepare and move from her furnished summer apartment (she lived in the dorm during the school year) to her unfurnished room in the house she will be sharing with her new roomates.  Of course the color currently on the walls was unacceptable, so first I painted. 

After I finished painting, the real fun began.  After two trips to Houston, Costco and the IKEA store, it was time to unload and put together her furniture.   

No, it does NOT come delivered or assembled.  Her dresser, bed and desk all had to be put together.

Luckily her boyfriend Brandon has a truck and was willing to help.  He even read the directions! 

Brandon is a very nice guy and when he is not putting together furniture he is an Aerospace Engineering major from San Antonio.  

He just finished his sophomore year at A & M. 


It was a lot of hard work.

But he got it done.  Those engineering guys are pretty handy to have around.   


So now she has the essential furniture.  

Brandon – and his truck – will help her move all the rest of her stuff into the new house. 


Her friend Lindsey’s parents bought this brand new house for the girls to share.  College life is so tough!

I was informed that all good Aggie parents have at least one A & M sticker on their vehicle.  So I brought this one home for the Scout.   It was good to see Megan and easier to leave her knowing we will all meet up in California in a couple of weeks.   


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