Garden and More Fence Posts

Our little garden has started producing! 


We’ve got fresh zucchini.  Also lettuce and snap peas – a first for us.  They both just shriveled up in the heat in the valley. 

We have also been working on expanding our garden. 

We tilled under the single bed where the lettuce and broccoli were finished and made a new double wide bed.  We have planted seeds for a fall crop of broccoli, beets, and more lettuce.  We have never done a fall crop before, so it will be interesting to see how well it does here in the cool weather.

Yes, more fence posts.  We have the garden fence almost complete, at least enough so we can use a few metal T posts and have it secure from critters.  Now we are working on the orchard fence. 

And surprise!  More rocks!  Lots of rocks. 

So many rocks we’ve gone through four bolts, so far, on the auger.  But we are making progress!

Off to Aggieland

I am off to visit Megan in Aggieland.  She is finishing up her second semester of summer school and making preparations to move into the new house she will share with her roomates next year.  We are going to paint and decorate her new room.  It will be good to see her and spend some time with her.   Rick will be in charge of the blog while I am gone, so you can direct all comments to him 😉 


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