Road Trip and Bears

Rick and I decided we needed a break from digging holes to plant trees and fence posts.  We took a day trip to Fidalgo Island which is about 60 miles west of us in the San Juan Islands.  Anacortes is the largest town on the island.  It is a pretty little town where you can antique or catch one of the Washington State Ferries to other islands in the San Juans.

You can also board the British Columbia Ferry to Vancouver Island and Victoria which is northwest about an hour or so on the ferry.  The ferries are a really fun way to travel, but today we were driving.

From Anacortes we drove south on Hwy 20 over the Deception Pass Bridge to Whidbey Island.  It is a beautiful drive and the bridge has been made famous in many pictures and postcards. 

Whidbey Island

Bridge over Deception Pass

While we were on Whidbey Island we went to Cornet Cove.

Cornet Cove is a sleepy little place that reminded me of Cabot Cove on TV.   

We went back over Deception Pass on our way back home.

This is the view looking east.  You can just make out the Cascade Mountains (where we live) in the distance. It was a fun day and we saw some beautiful sights, but we are glad to be back home in our little place at the foot of the mountains, 

And on another topic . . .

Yesterday Rick looked out the window just as a mama bear and her cub were going across the clearing behind the garden.  These pictures aren’t very clear – they were taken out the window from inside the house – but you can hopefully make out Mama Bear and Boo Boo. 


She is a pretty good sized bear, especially when she’s standing up.  Rick estimates she’s about 6 – 7 feet tall based on how high she was over the deer feeder.  She stood up and sniffed around then she and the baby went off down Nick’s trail into the woods.

I definitely would not want to come between her and her cub!




One comment on “Road Trip and Bears

  1. mark says:

    You live in a beautiful area! Thanks for the nice travel photos. We’ve been though there, but it was stormy and we didn’t get as good a view.
    What about some action photos of the scout???!! And maybe a video of Rick teasing the bear?!! mark

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