We hung a couple of feeders and I’ve been feeding the birds, in spite of the huge blue jays and pigeons that sometimes attack the feeders.  I should warn you now that if you are a pacifist, animal rights activist or just plain squeamish you might want to skip this post.  

The birdseed trash can.

I removed the bungee cord holding the lid securely to the can, lifted it off and got quite a shock.  MICE!! Four of them!  Scurrying around in the birdseed.  Rick says I screamed like a girl – which I must point out is the only way I know how to scream – and dropped the lid in a hurry.  I am not really afraid of mice, though they aren’t my favorite things, but I was certainly surprised to see them in there.  Evidently the lid to the old trash can doesn’t fit quite as tight as I thought.   At this point I should insert the picture of the mice in the birdseed, but I would have had to get very close to them to take that picture and I wasn’t willing to do that.  You will have to use your imagination. 

After Rick quit laughing, he agreed to get rid of the mice.  He tried to grab them but those little things are pretty quick.  And they would still be alive and crawling around near me.  So, like any good farm boy, he got out his gun.

A few shots was all it took.  I was braver about taking pictures when he was the one close to the mice. 


OK, I warn you here is the sqeamish part.

He threw their little dead bodies out where some critter will eat them.  

I was a lot braver about taking their picture after they were dead. 

So there you have my exciting mouse adventure.  I will be much more cautious about opening the lid in the future and I did add a new trash can with a TIGHT fitting lid to my shopping list. 

3 comments on “Intruders

  1. mark says:

    MY HERO!!
    Sooo, what caliber would you reccomend as a good, all-around mouse gun? Would I be wise to get one with a scope since the game is so small? Is a single-shot safe?, or should I go for a semi-automatic with a banana clip? Any advice would be appreciated. mark

  2. Rick & Brenda says:

    A Daisy Red Rider is my weapon of choice. Many BB’s are needed as the little critters are pretty fast! What really did them in was when they got curious about the end of the barrel, I believe they were going to use that to climb out, so you must be quick on the trigger. A gun of larger caliber will just put more holes in the sides for them to climb in. I was able to out smart them eventually!

  3. Bob says:

    Nice Rick, have have the eye of the tiger. Go killer go!

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