Drip System

Rick and I have been working on our garden, weeding and mulching.  We’ve had a few pretty warm days and have been watering quite a bit.  We wanted a better way to water without getting the plant leaves wet so I talked him into giving this drip system a try. 

Rick refers to this as the “Redneck drip system” but I prefer the term “low tech.”    

It is quite simple.  You poke a hole in the empty milk jugs, plant them in the ground, fill up with water, the water drips out.

Rick cut a piece of an old hose and voila an easy and effective way to water the garden.  It gets the water to the plant roots and is a good way to use those milk jugs.  Fancy it is not.  Maybe by next gardening season we will have hose bibs and drips lines installed, but then again maybe not.  You really only need to water here for six weeks or so during the warmest part of the season.  And it works!



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