Wildflowers and Harvest


 We picked the first squash from our garden today.  It is a new (to us) variety of round squash. 

I would like to tell you it is about the size of a pumpkin. 


But it is really not quite that large.   Here is another view.  It is called “Eight Ball” and isn’t it cute?  Of course it is going to take quite a few of those to make a meal!  There are several more set on, as well as many more plants of traditional zucchini so hopefully we will have lots of squash.  

   ***                             ***                             ***                                         

The wildflowers are  abundant this year.  It is incredible to me that something so beautiful could grow and blossom every year on their own without any tending from us humans.  I guess God is a pretty good gardener. 

The foxgloves are my favorites.


Oxeye Daisies



Oxeye Daisies and Hairy Cats-Ear

We feel very fortunate to be the caretakers of this beautiful land.

One comment on “Wildflowers and Harvest

  1. Tj says:

    I love the oxeye daisies. Yesterday we cruised north on on motorcycle and saw all the same flowers you have. All of our have dried up and blown away.

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