Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

We arrived back at the ranch safe and sound Tuesday evening. We towed the Scout and had the truck loaded down with our freezer, three ice chests full of meat, a piano, a bicycle and lots of other odds and ends that are hard to fit in your suitcase when you fly.  My brother the cop enphasized to Rick three times that the speed limit when towing in California is 55 miles per hour.  Now why would he do that?  Actually we had a nice trip and he stayed close to the speed limit all the way.  The roads – especially in California – are so rough and bumpy we did look back pretty often to see if the Scout was still attached back there.  Why are the roads so much better in Oregon?  The air was really bad from the fires all through California and Oregon.  It cleared up in Washington but it is still a little hazy as there are some fires burning here too.    

It is not easy to find a place to park that long rig, so late Monday night when we went to get something to eat we pulled into an empty Home Depot parking lot.  As we cut through the gravel bed at the edge of the parking lot we almost stepped on a Killdeer nesting.  She let out her cry and started her broken wing routine.  She was not happy with us getting so close to her eggs. 

                                                     The eggs really do blend in with the rocks.  I’m not sure what she does when the store is open and people must be all around in the parking lot? 

The wildflowers are in full bloom at the ranch.  Some of the foxgloves are six feet tall.

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