Time at Home

We have enjoyed our few weeks here at home.  We have had a chance to catch up with our friends and family.  The guys have worked on the Scout, we have taken care of business and had a nice visit with my brother and his girls.

Abby and Sara had fun dressing up in Megan’s old clothes; it is hard to remember her being that little.


Sara wanted to learn to dive, but she needed a little help from Dad.

Swimming is very hard work!  She was ready for a nap.

Rick and I are getting our things together and starting to load up the truck.  We have not enjoyed the air here the past few days.  With the wildfires burning in northern California, the smoke in the air here in the valley is terrible.  We hope to leave tomorrow and be back in cool, green, clear Washington on Tuesday.

2 comments on “Time at Home

  1. Tj says:

    Yea, tell me about the air in Northern California!

  2. Bob says:

    The girls obviously get their good looks from their father… ha ha

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