More Scout News

Our friend Whitney and Rick have been working very hard to get the Scout ready for us to take back up to the ranch.  Now it is ready for paint.  With the amount of rain we get there – 90 inches per year average – we need to have it painted and sealed to minimize rust.  It is not made of plastic like the vehicles of today, it is all metal.   


So they loaded it on the trailer to take it to be painted.   


It looks pretty tiny compared to Rick’s truck.

We have been researching the original colors on the Scouts from 1961 and plan to use something as close to that as possible.   


2 comments on “More Scout News

  1. mark says:

    If memory serves, it was the doors that got Rick and I stuck all those years ago… I know that when the mud finally sowed us to a stop, we couldn’t open the doors. So, get the LIFTED doors! mark

  2. mark says:

    Color choices can be tricky, so I’ll leave that alone, but I think you should mix the paint with Rhino Liner on one of the Scouts. And then bring it here! We have some brush that needs crushing! mark

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