The Scout Saga

We have realized we need a second vehicle at the ranch.  Rick’s truck is great for towing, but for general driving around it is very big and awkward.  I hate driving it.  Also, with the shell on – which we need when we go downriver to pick up supplies – it is hard to haul things in the bed.  And just in case we ever had a problem with the truck, it would be nice to have a backup mode of transportation besides my bicycle.  We didn’t want to spend a lot of money or get anything fancy, just a “utility” type truck.  So Rick came home with this. 

Definitely nothing fancy!

He found a 1963 International Scout.  It obviously had not been used in a while, but with a lot of work it would do? No doors or windows and it sort of runs.  Rick has some vivid memories of Scout adventures on his uncle’s ranch with his cousin Mark when they were boys.  So it seemed appropriate that we would have a Scout on our ranch too.  Hopefully they won’t get this one stuck!   

There was no extra charge for the bird’s nest in the cab.

We went to the Tulare Antique Farm Show (where they were also having a Scout Show) to see if we could find any doors, windows or other parts we needed, and found this.

A 1961 Scout.  This one in much better shape.  Amazing when you consider it is 47 years old.  Doors and windows are intact, still running, and able to meet our needs with a lot less work.  It even has a heater!  So, this one is Brenda’s Scout.  Doesn’t every family need two?   

In case any of you are not familiar with Scouts, here is what they looked like in the original advertisements.

This one has been completely restored.  Ours will never look like this but some people go all out in their restorations. 

So our friend Whitney who has an auto shop is working with Rick (or actually Rick is working with Whitney) to get Brenda’s Scout ready to drive.  We plan to tow it back up to the ranch when we return in a couple of weeks.   


They have replaced a lot of old, rusty parts so it will be a reliable vehicle for us. 




2 comments on “The Scout Saga

  1. mark says:

    What great memories! By the way, we only got stuck because we were going too slow! So, remember, if the ground gets boggy…more speed! (since when is 47 old?) mark

  2. Rick & Brenda says:

    Do you think it had anything to do with all the water and mud in the check we just turned off? I also clearly remember that you were driving! It seems you always did like hiking the outdoors. The stars were beautiful that night, although I remember wondering if we were going to live to see morning!

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