The Babies Have Flown

We could tell from how much they were moving around in the nest that the baby hummers were about ready to fly away.  

The first was brave and got outside the nest.  He stayed outside for most of the day and was still there when we looked at them before we went to bed.  The next morning, only one baby was left. 

He acted pretty sorry for himself being all alone.  Made lots of little chirpy noises for a few hours.  Mama buzzed around and checked on him a few times, but she didn’t feed him.  After a while, he gathered his courage (or got hungry) and flew off. 

His first flight was only about twelve feet to the other side of the patio, but he made it successfully.  

Which is a good thing because Lucky was down below waiting for any mistakes. The nest is the little brown blob just above the center post of the window. 

We didn’t find any evidence otherwise, so we assume the first one made it OK too. 

So, Mama hummingbird has done her job and her nest is empty.  That seems very familiar to us – I wonder if she has to pay college tuition? Do they bring home their dirty laundry?




One comment on “The Babies Have Flown

  1. mark says:

    So many vaguely familiar details! Of course, THOSE parents have found the secret to avoiding tuition and laundry… move out before the kids! Hope your visit south is lovely and warm, and don’t forget you could make it a three day trip instead by following our coastline highway and stay with us! We’ll show you our neighbor’s accidental lowline cattle…a tax write-off for your business! mark

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