Hummer Babies

When we got home we found a nice surprise on the patio.  A nest with baby hummingbirds. 

This is about the fifth year we have had hummer nests built in the creeping fig under the eaves of the patio; they seem to like that location.  They have come back to that exact same spot for at least three years.  If you look closely you can see that this nest is built on top of the one from last year.  

It doesn’t seem like a really secure location to us – you can see how small the leaves and branches are, but the birds keep coming back.  


Since the birds build the nest right outside our dining area windows, over the years we have been able to watch the whole process of the mother building the nest, sitting on the eggs (which are about the size of jelly belly’s) to the tiny little beaks sticking up, then being able to see the growing birds in the nest.  After about five weeks or so, the mama bird just stops coming back to the nest to feed the babies so they have no choice but to fly away.  She sits on a bush about fifteen feet away and watches them, but doesn’t feed them anymore.  Kind of reminds me of kids – they need to spread their wings and fly.

Unfortunately for the hummers, Megan’s cat Lucky is showing a lot of interest in the birds again this year. 

Last year we were horrified to see her make a flying leap off the top of the back of the patio bench and snatch a hovering hummingbird bird right out of mid air.  We would never have believed it if we hadn’t seen it.  Hopefully these little ones will get the hang of flying (and gain some altitude) right away or they will be hors d’oeuvres.  I guess that is the cycle of life.    

Here is another nest, this one is empty, just outside our bedroom window. 

I wish I could say they build nests here because of the wonderful habitat but the truth is the hummingbird feeder has been empty for over a month.  For some reason they keep coming back anyway.   

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