Salmon Season and Mushrooms

The season for King Salmon opened June 1st.  This was the parking lot at the boat launch about a mile from our house on the Skagit.  These were just the guys who were still there after church – it was more crowded earlier in the morning.

Our neighbors, Joel and Cindy, came by today and showed us some new (to us) edible mushrooms growing here.   


These are Oyster Mushrooms, which grow on stumps and logs of conifers and hardwoods.  These are growing on a standing dead alder.   

They measure about 2 to 4 inches wide and have a really nice flavor. 

Rio is the best mushroom hunter we know – he also found lots of morels earlier in the season.  After he has harvested his mushrooms, he loads them on his bike for the trip home. 



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3 comments on “Salmon Season and Mushrooms

  1. mark says:

    Salmon and mushroom seasons coincide here also… about 5 months ago! Sooo, do you think it is at all remarkable that the salmon appear in the rivers just as mushrooms pop up to saute them with? Hmmm? And what about lemons? Garlic bread?
    Yeah, thats probably going too far.

  2. mark says:

    I really admire Rio’s optimistic enthusiasm! Why else would he have fitted his harley with outriggers than to support a heavy load of shrooms? mark

  3. Rick & Brenda says:

    He was having a bit of trouble getting traction in the gravel with the big load he was carrying. All his harley needed was a push from the back by dear old dad and he was off again. Then when he hit pavement, Dad had to try and keep up with him!
    I can tell you know about the great taste of Salmon and mushrooms together. I think you must have been waiting for a late dinner last night! Are you planning a BBQ I need to stop by for?

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