More Fence Posts

Yes, we are still working on the garden fence posts, but we are making good progress.  Since we have a dual purpose area planned – garden and chicken yard – we need to make sure it is critter proof.  We have 10 posts cemented in now.  Did I mention that we have a LOT of rocks?

Here are just a few from one hole.  You can see how big they are compared to Rick’s hand. All these from one two foot post hole!

On the positive side, it was a beautiful couple of days to be outside.  Cool with a nice breeze and some very interesting cloud formations.

In the meantime, out garden is doing very well.  We weren’t sure what to expect in this cool climate but all the seeds we planted have come up.  The lettuce and broccoli we planted as seedlings are really growing.

The deer continue to get closer and closer to the garden, but so far so good with our unconventional fencing.

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