This & That

It has been a busy week with lots of little projects.  We decided to start a small orchard to go with the garden.  The trees had a bit of a rough ride home (45 miles) hanging out the back of the truck, but they made it OK.  We got three apples, two cherries and a plum to start with.

The garden is still doing well, in spite of having no fence up yet to keep the deer out.  We still have the fencing laying down around the plants.  The lettuce and broccoli – two things we’ve never had much luck growing in the California heat – are doing well.

We also built a frame inside the covered area of the shop for wood storage so it will be out of the weather.  It will be a lot nicer not to have to wade through the snow to get dry wood this winter!  Now we need to split and stack that huge pile of logs waiting for us.

All the hillsides and meadows are really greening up after the warmer weather and rain.  We had another inch and a half this week. 

We saw the first of the lupine just starting to bloom yesterday.  They grow wild all over our property.

6 comments on “This & That

  1. mark says:

    Could you guys help me out here? I’m trying to convince Tammie to let me try your fence technique. We already have dozens of places where the fence is laying on the ground, and the rest is on it’s way to that position… Seems like a great thing! Any advice would be appreciated. mark

  2. Rick & Brenda says:

    I don’t know if you want to do that. . . the deer are sneaking closer and closer every night. I think the deterrant effect of stepping on the fencing might be wearing off. We saw fresh hoof prints this morning next to the corn. So, today we are working on setting the lines for the corner posts.

  3. Don says:

    Hi guys-
    Hope there is a male and a female on the cherry trees. Cherries need pollinators. When are you returning to B-town?

  4. Rick & Brenda says:

    We did get two cherries (a Bing and another one I can’t remember right now) but how do you tell if they are male or female? On a tree? Please enlighten us!

    We will be back in Bako on June 6. Maybe we can do dinner sometime after that?

  5. mark says:

    Not sure about the male and female cherries being necessary… there is only one tree in our backyard and it has provided cherries every year so far. As for sexing the trees, I only have experience with almond trees but they were easy to identify. Nearly all male. (the nuts) mark

  6. Rick & Brenda says:

    Oh that’s good – I guess if we find any nuts on the cherry trees we will know for sure 😉

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