We put out a bird feeder, actually two, and have been rewarded with a lot of intersting birds.    

We don’t know much about birds, but according to the field guide we bought, this is a Black-headed Grosbeak.

This one seems to be some type of sparrow?  He doesn’t really look like any of the pictures in the book.

Today after church we went to lunch at the Marblemount Diner, one of the three choices in town.  They have a small orchard and six hummingbird feeders hanging near the windows.  There were probably ten to twelve hummingbirds flying around all during our lunch.  One was a beautiful orange color that we had never seen before.  Unfortunately he was camera shy.  This is one of the others who cooperated by holding still.

We have also seen birds in places we hadn’t planned.  Here is our deer feeder with the resident Blue Jay (or Steller’s Jay in the book).

He seems to think the deer block is his personal feeder.

The birds aren’t the only ones who are enjoying the feeders.  This little guy, we named him Theodore, waits til the birds spill out the seeds then he runs out and gobbles them up out of the bushes and grass.

At least the dropped seeds aren’t going to waste, and he really is cute!

4 comments on “Birds

  1. Tj says:

    I think your sparrow-ish bird is a gold finch female. If so, she would like thistle seed in a hanging bag, if you please.

  2. Rick & Brenda says:

    Thanks for the information! She does look like the goldfinch picture now that you pointed that out!
    I’m afraid Ms. Finch will have to make do with common birdseed in the feeder – and she only gets that if the others don’t beat her to it.

  3. Tj says:

    We’ll see about that… goldfinches travel in packs. (herds? flocks?swarms?) I think you could be persuaded by a golden whirlwind of finches swirling around your yard!

  4. Tj says:

    The previous was mark. Note the wit.

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