Spring Runoff


The record breaking temperatures have caused the creeks and rivers around here to rise dramatically.  The Cascade River is the south border of our property.  Here it is when Alex visited in November . 

And here it is today.These two pictures were taken from the same location, looking west.

Here is the Cascade looking east up to the glaciers last summer.

And here it is today. 

And our usually crystal clear water is MUDDY!  Here it is last month when the Canada goose was enjoying the sun.

And here it is today.

The creeks (around here that is pronounced Crick) are really flowing too.  Jordan Creek is about a half mile from us and flows into the Cascade.

About 3/4 of a mile below us, the Cascade river flows into the Skagit river.  This is the confluence of the Skagit & Cascade rivers.  The bridge in the background is the one we go over to get into town.

 With the Cascade running so muddy, you can really see where the two come together.  The Skagit is glacier green and the Cascade is the muddy brown water.

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