We finished planting our garden today. Though it seems late in the season to us, we are right on time for this area. It was a warm, sunny, beautiful day to be outside.

Our soil consultant Don told us our soil is very acidic, not to mention full of rocks. We knew we would have to add lots of organic matter and amendments. Rick tilled the patch and got out a lot of rocks, big rocks and little rocks – all kinds of rocks.  Then we added ash from the burn pile, mulched leaves, dry grass, lime and bags of peat moss and composted manure.

We also don’t have our garden fence in yet, so here is our version.

We just laid the wire fencing down next to the rows.  The deer are really skittish and won’t walk on it to nibble on our plants.  Amazingly this has worked really well.  We’ve had our cooler weather plants in for over a month and the broccoli and lettuce haven’t been touched by the deer – and we have a lot of deer!  Hopefully they won’t figure it out and we will be able to harvest everything we planted.

The rock next to the tire (which holds some of our potatoes) is just one of the many, many we took out of the garden.  Isn’t it nice we have all the free materials we need to build those rock walls?  We just have to dig them out and stack them up.

4 comments on “Garden

  1. Tj and Mark says:

    Nice garden. We have most of our garden in now too. I can’t believe the fence works. Really? Tj

  2. Tj says:

    Nice garden. We have most of our garden in now too. I can’t believe the fence works. Really?

  3. american alps ranch says:

    So far so good with the fence. I saw the idea in my “Backwoods Home” magazine. It has lots of practical, real life advice for getting things done without a lot of fancy equipment. We didn’t have time to get the fence put up so we figured we didn’t have anything to lose by giving it a try.

    Either the deer don’t like broccoli and lettuce or they are just lulling us into a false sense of security and waiting til everything gets bigger 😉

  4. mark says:

    How high do you suppose the rock wall would need to be to deter deer? I think Rick should give it a try!

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