Everything is Growing

                                                                                                          After another half inch of rain yesterday and this morning our total for the first fourteen days of May is up to a little over one inch.  For those of you who live in central and southern California, the item above is a rain gauge.  It is used to record amounts of rain in places where it actually happens.  The daffodils love it.

Daffodils are not the only thing growing, so is our gravel driveway!  Rick got out his power grader and dragged the whole drive.  It pulls up the plants that are growing and also levels out the gravel.      

And after he was finished, it is all nice and smooth with nothing growing in it.

Another thing we found growing today is this species of mushroom.  Dacrymyces Palmatus is the correct term, more commonly known as Witch’s Butter.  Believe it or not, it is edible – though this is one mushroom we are not going to try.

One comment on “Everything is Growing

  1. mark says:

    Hey! That thing kind of has your name! You should taste it, don’t you think? Probably needs a little salt, though. mark

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