Burning Brush Pile

We have been clearing dead trees and brush over last summer and fall, and have accumulated quite a pile.  It has finally dried out a little after all the snow and rain over the winter.  Rick decided to burn it on Tuesday while everything around was still green and damp – don’t want to set the whole forest on fire!

The pile was about 6 feet tall and 8 to 10 feet wide.  Rick used two gallons of old camp stove fuel and one match was all it took.  I heard it ignite clear inside the house.

As the fire burned down a little, we added all the old trees, brush and debris that had been stacked nearby.   It took all day to burn up, and was still smoldering a little the next morning.  We plan to put all the ash in our garden as the soil here is very acidic.

                                                   The ugly pile is gone and the area behind it is cleaned up too.     P.S.  We burned the pile on Tuesday, when we went out on Saturday to shovel up the ash to dump in the garden, the rocks were still too hot to handle.  That was one hot fire!

3 comments on “Burning Brush Pile

  1. Don says:

    That bottom picture sure looks like an awfully BIG carbon footprint! Good thing you have lots of credits in the background.

  2. Tj and Mark says:

    Only 2 cans of gas? Rick must be getting old!

  3. american alps ranch says:

    Getting old? He’s saving the rest of the gas for his next fire. . .bigger and better!

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